Backup and Move WordPress Easily


Easy To Use

Handful of clicks and you're done!


Optimized for low end machines

Full Backup

Backup every aspect of your WordPress site (database, plugins, content, themes and settings) 

Take control over your backups

Download a zip of your whole site offline.


5 star ranking

This plugin truly simplify the process of migration and backup. Excellent work. It will be great if it comes with the option of streaming the backup to a cloud service.

Great tool. Helped me to save a lot of time while migrating wp sites from one place to another. Also support level from author is very high.

This is a good plugin! if you're using wordpress before and you know it is a real pain if you want to migrate to a different domain.

Why did you make Snapify?

We felt how bad it was to move WordPress sites, configuring unnecessary extract options, unpacking, replacing URLs and tweaking files – We didn’t find any truly simple and automatic solution out there, so we decided to create this easy to use product. We hope you will find it useful like we did.

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About us

Simple360 is a team of developers aimed at creating quality products that simplify all of our work.

Known Issues

  • Does not handle multi-site as one website yet.
  • Does not work with cloudflare at the moment.
  • Does not work with hostings that have a low php execution time that can’t be changed
    Please contact us before buying if you think you have one of these problems